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National Pharmacies is a trusted household name within South Australia. Iugo and National Pharmacies have enjoyed a long relationship, starting in early 2011 when Iugo was awarded projects to redevelop a suite of National Pharmacies websites. Since then Iugo has been involved in a range of projects, including marketing mail-outs, website hosting and more recently integration work with the website and CRM.

The National Pharmacies main website is a large and high-traffic site that performs a variety of business functions. Iugo has been involved from the start with the site’s functional requirements, design and implementation.

The hosting requirements for such a busy website can be quite taxing. Recently, Iugo has undertaken to move the site from a traditional VPS hosting solution to an Amazon Web Services-based platform. This new ‘cloud-based’ backend allows the site to scale with traffic and allows for up to the minute backups.

National Pharmacies provide an online distribution and ordering service for their member pharmacies. Iugo have developed the Distribution site upon the Recite CMS platform which allows National Pharmacies to leverage the product and payment handling features of Recite’s eCommerce module. Notifications of ‘orders’ are sent to the right place as needed and results in an easy and smooth experience for the user.

In 2015, Iugo completed a large project which extended the National Pharmacies website to a CRM. This work made extensive use of web services and changes to core Recite CMS functionality. The work completed through this project now allows for improved data management and business intelligence opportunities. This project also lets Recite CMS have an external website securely work hand-in-hand with internal systems.

Some of the key achievements and highlights:

The ongoing projects from National Pharmacies have really allowed us at Iugo to extend our capabilities and push deeper into that integration level - particularly with high-end CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics, SalesLogix and SalesForce.

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