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Elders Real Estate were requiring a new hosting environment after coming to the End Of Life (EOL) for their existing solution. This would normally mean significant capital expenditure in purchasing new servers; configuring along with potential for downtime and various other issues that often come with hosting using physical servers.

Iugo promoted the idea of using cloud-based hosting where Elders Real Estate could move their entire web presence into the Cloud; in particular Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Cloud brings new options and flexibility not previously available; such as:

The cost benefits were also significant with Return on Investment (ROI) being in a very short timeframe due to:

Iugo made heavy use of AWS's capabilities; using technologies such as:

The end result has been a very positive one for Elders Real Estate and a super-interesting project for us at Iugo. The site is fast to use; extremely cost-effective to set up and run and most importantly; the site has been rock-solid and is exceeding the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

If you're interested in how we can implement Cloud-based hosting for your company; please contact us for a chat.

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