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The Adelaide Fringe Festival is an institution in South Australia, particularly known for being the largest arts event in the Southern Hemisphere. Iugo was fortunate enough to begin working with the crew in 2011 as they prepared for the 2012 Festival and have done ever since!

The brief was to build something unique and flexible – something that would be able to be used throughout the year and also morph and adapt when it came time for the actual Fringe Festival. Through much discussion and strategy, Iugo and the Fringe developed a system that is highly flexible and can be changed dramatically by the Fringe staff.

The other primary aim of the project was to better integrate with the ticketing system and to share information between the two environments in a seamless way. This has been accomplished using some pretty complex methods which results in a great user experience for users of the site.

As part of the 2013 site, Iugo and Fringe worked on developing a sophisticated mobile website to compliment the desktop version. Fringe shows can be searched for, tickets can be purchased and favourites (interacting with Facebook) can be added and managed allowing users to browse and save their favourite shows across their devices.

Iugo is also very proud to be a supporter of the Adelaide Fringe from 2012 through 2014 with the provision of the Fringe Bus Tracker, a near real-time GPS tracking system of the two free shuttle buses that travel the city during Fringe time, along with integration with Yelp in the 2013 site.

The new website also features improved methods of contacting the Adelaide Fringe, keeping up-to-date with information, interacting with social media plus a host of other information.

Iugo’s role in the project was to:

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