PHP Update Required

PHP Update Required

As you’ll have seen in recent times, data security is a key topic in the digital landscape. We take security very seriously and there’s a key event occurring at the end of November where the version of the programming language (PHP) that underpins your website is reaching End of Life (EOL), namely PHP 7.4. In short, this means there’ll be no further security updates which can lead to website breaches and data leaks.

It’s impossible to know whether there’ll be an impact on your website without delving deeper into it and trialling it on the newer version of PHP (version 8.0). We also recognise that the level of importance of their website being fully operational is different between businesses.

As such, we’re providing 2 options. You can “run the gauntlet” and get the update for free and hope everything goes to plan and fix it after the fact. Or, we can spend 1 hour ($175+GST) to identify potential issues before it impacts your live website.

The details of the two options are:

  1. Free – your live website will automatically be updated to PHP 8.0 on a rolling basis from October 3rd, 2022. Should any issues arise from that, iugo will charge 3hrs of time ($525 + GST) to identify what issues there are and do our best to solve them. Should more time be required, iugo will provide further details and a new estimate. There are no guaranteed turn-around times for this work, so it’s possible your site may experience issues for a number of days.
  2. A preliminary 1hr check – for $175 + GST, we’ll do our best to identify is there are likely to be any issues by testing the new version of PHP on a staging copy of your website (ie not a publicly visible site). Should any issues be found, iugo will provide further details with an estimate of effort to resolve the issues. If no issues are found, iugo will update the site to PHP 8.0

We need to know which way you’ll go by October 1st, 2022. The sooner the better. 

If we don’t hear from you by October 1st, you’ll default to the “Free” option. 

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