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A bespoke tour management system integration into a best-of-breed website.

Bunnik Tours is about embracing people, culture and the world through the fun, authentic experiences that connect us. They strive to make the connections intimate but profound. They’re the type of thing you can’t do on your own or on large group tours and are what sets Bunnik Tours’ small group tours apart. This ethos helped them to be Winners of the National Travel Industry Award in 2019 for Best Tour Operator International.

To continue to grow their brand, business and their connections with their customers, Bunnik Tours engaged iugo to help build out a bespoke web application. This new build provided multiple benefits to the organisation and to their customers by integrating technology to deliver a much improved customer experience.

A project of this size requires specialist skills from key providers. iugo lead a team of providers who included research specialists; a UI & UX team (Svelte Studios), Salesforce specialists, tour management software team and a deployment team for the ongoing management of the cloud hosting. Bunnik Tours did a fantastic job of bringing together this group and the outcome speaks for itself.

iugo designed and created a custom Content Management System (CMS) to bring all this content together into one cohesive location. Data is received from a number of external platforms which is then stored in a flexible data structure. This allows content to be shared across numerous channels and maintain a single source of truth.

The outcomes have been tremendous in terms of customer engagement; ease of administration; simplification of processes and reduction in data management. We’re very proud of the project and how the various specialists came together as a single cohesive team.

Visit the Bunnik Tours website here.

iugo specialise in data-driven organisations such as in the tourism sector. We’d love to have a no obligations chat about how we could potentially help your organisation like we did Bunnik Tours.