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3 days from start to selling online for Best Wishes' gift & homewares store

Best Wishes is a popular gift and homewares shop in Burnside Village, South Australia. With COVID-19 having a huge impact on visitor numbers to the shopping centre, sales dropped significantly.

Best Wishes approached iugo to see how quickly they could “go online”, create some brand awareness, load some products and ideally, sell to the public.

The solution

iugo created a plan of attack to move fast, keep it simple and their products and retailing skills speak for themselves.

Over time, things can grow and improve, but the overarching concept was – Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

In other words, what’s the minimum the site would need; the minimum support services such as postage it would need and the minimum marketing strategy it would need to start selling.

With all this in mind – we proposed Shopify as the e-commerce tool of choice. It fitted the bill of easy to get going, fast to grow and simple to manage for shop owners.

We built templates to help input data for the first swathe of products and aided Best Wishes in the best ways to categorise the data; created SEO-focused navigation and simplified the presentation so that the products were the focus.

The outcome

In only 3 days from concept to launch, the site was selling!

An Instagram promotion kicked off the sales, followed by new sales channels through Facebook and Instagram Shopping which progressed things quickly. We’re now putting in place a larger strategy and looking forward to seeing Best Wishes reap the rewards.

Visit the Best Wishes website here.

How to pivot your business and start selling online

If your business has thought about selling online but you’re not sure on if it’d work – we’d love to talk to you.

This method of starting small (with the budget to match) can definitely work and you can grow your online business just as you have your physical store.

Learn how to set up your online business and start selling today.