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An easy to use & responsive festival site and mobile app for managing events, artists, and ticketing

APAM is Australia’s leading industry event for contemporary performing arts. APAM is a bi-annual event where Australian performing arts groups and artists can showcase their talents to an international industry audience to promote touring opportunities.

In 2013 for the 2014 APAM, Iugo developed a new website for APAM and was paired with Recite CMS to deliver the new website.

For APAM 2016, the site was significantly improved upon to provide further access for international & local delegates; judging of acts & performances; simpler for program and delegate management among a whole host of other developments on the front-end and back-end of the website.

Key features of the website were:

  • user experience – it was paramount that the site be easily navigated, simple to read and find the necessary information given the global audience
  • extendible – since the site’s first launch, the site has been extended a number of times and continues to grow as APAM grows
  • responsive – the site is optimised for all screen sizes, particularly important for delegates when they’re at APAM and on mobiles and tablets
  • personalised – delegates can personalise their experience with their own login and access to the information making it simpler for them to interact with APAM

In 2015 & 2016, Iugo sponsored APAM by way of developing a mobile app for Android & iOS which furthers APAM’s commitment to their delegates & artists by providing a free mobile app which allows for greater customisation and flexilbity to the delegate and artist.

The app uses a number of technical components to serve the client via the use of:

  • information transmitted back-and-forth from the website and the app for updates to event information and so-on
  • news stories, content updates, user access and alike are all managed within the central Recite CMS interface
  • caching of the data on the mobile phone for when the user is out of network range and automatic updates when they’re back in range – perfect for international delegates who may not have an Australian data SIM card
  • all data is managed in a central system meaning that there’s one source of truth and only one data set to work with, thus reducing management/administration time signficantly

Iugo are well versed in developing custom websites and mobile apps for festivals and alike. Over the years, Iugo have worked with Adelaide Fringe, WOMAD, AIDC, Assitej and APAM to improve the way users, delegates and artists interact with the website/app as well as the management of the festival and ticketing for organisers.

If you’re interested in how we can design a customised website or app for your festival – we’d love to hear from you.

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