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A Recite-based site and app interacting with a central CRM for automation and better communication

ADM (previously Toepfer / Elders Grains) has been a client of Iugo’s for some 10-plus years and in 2013, they came to Iugo to redevelop their site after their sale to Toepfer International.

Iugo designed a new website look-and-feel and was paired with Recite CMS to deliver the new website.

Key features of the new website were:

  • configurable – the site needed to not only deliver content, but also to interact with external data sources such as grain prices feed
  • extendible – since the site’s first launch, the site has been extended a number of times to support searching/favouriting of grain data; weather locations and registering of grain sales
  • this grain sale system hooks in with a central CRM and ensures that the grower passes a number of automated checks-and-balances before accepting an offer
  • these systems help to automate what were once manual tasks as well as improving communication between ADM and their customers / growers

In 2015, Iugo designed and developed a mobile app for Android & iOS which furthers ADM’s commitment to their customers by providing a free mobile app which allows for greater customisation and flexibility to the grower.

The app uses a number of technical components to serve the client via the use of:

  • external authentication using Recite CMS’s OAuth component
  • web services / JSON to serve data back-and-forth from the website and the app for daily price data
  • data feeds for news stories and alike – all managed within the central Recite CMS interface
  • caching of data for when the user is out of network range and automatic updates when they’re back in range – perfect for growers who are in the field away from mobile/wifi coverage for hours at a time but still want to check what their crop is worth
  • all users are managed via a central system meaning that there’s one source of truth and only one data set to work with, thus reducing management/administration time significantly

The projects we’ve worked on with ADM fit our skillset perfectly and we’ve enjoyed the interaction & challenges of creating such a large multi-platform set of tools. It’s also been fascinating learning about horticulture and how IT systems can help that important sector of our community / economy.

If you’re interested in how we can implement a Content Management System (CMS) for your organisation or perhaps compliment your business offering with a mobile app – please contact us for a chat.

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