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A new site and app interacting with a central CRM for automation and better communication

ADM Grain Trading (previously Toepfer / Elders Grains) has been a long term and valued client and in 2020, we refreshed and updated their site to suite new business needs.

Iugo designed a new website look-and-feel which was paired with WordPress to deliver content and system integrations for new business outcomes.

Key features of the new website :

  • configurable – the site needed to not only deliver content, but also to interact with external systems and data sources such as grain prices feed
  • extendible – since the site’s first launch, the site has been extended a number of times to support searching/favouriting of grain data; weather locations and registering of grain sales
  • the grain sale system hooks in with a central CRM and ensures that the grower workflows are completed before accepting an offer
  • these systems automate manual and costly tasks as well as improving communication between ADM and their growers /customers

Iugo designed and developed a mobile app for Android & iOS which furthers ADM’s commitment to their customers providing important information out in the field.

The app uses a number of technical components to serve both growers and ADM via the use of:

  • external authentication keeping login secure
  • web services to serve data back-and-forth from the website and the app for daily price data
  • data feeds for news stories and alike – all managed within WordPress
  • caching of data for when the user is out of network range (for growers in the field)
  • users are  centrally managed with one source of truth and only one data set to work with, reducing management/administration time significantly

The projects we’ve worked on with ADM for grain pricing and grower communication fit our skillset perfectly and we’ve enjoyed the challenges of creating a large set of tools.
We have also grown our knowledge of  horticulture and how IT and web systems help bridge an important gap in the rural business sector.

If you’re interested in how we can implement a Content Management System (CMS) for your organisation or perhaps compliment your business offering with a mobile app – please contact us for a chat.

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