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With over 16 years of building leading e-commerce websites, iugo has now partnered with Shopify to deliver an outstanding online sales platform for businesses of all sizes.

In today’s changing business climate you must adapt to survive. With Covid-19 impacting traditional business, your customers have moved to shopping online and we can help you move to a successful online sales model.

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Whether you have an existing e-commerce website or you’re looking to start your first online store, iugo has a number of options for your business size and budget.

We can support you to start selling onine, get up and running quickly then build upon mastering online marketing, sales and engagement.

Read how we got Best Wishes selling in just 3 days!

We support you to launch a successful e-commerce store

Our team of highly experienced business professionals and software developers will walk you through each aspect of the project.

How it works.

  1. Your dedicated project manager will guide you in how to provide your product list
  2. Plan the best way of presenting your product information for maximum search engine optimisation and marketing methods to help get your message out there.
  3. Launch with a Shopify e-commerce website and sales platform package or a custom option just for you

The iugo difference

We’re integrators. We bring systems together to talk to one another to maximise the selling opportunity and efficiency of your online sales platform. We can hook up your point-of-sale (POS), accounting system (eg Xero/MYOB) and your online store and be able to see reports across everything you buy and sell!

Read how we got Best Wishes selling in just 3 days!

We can do the same for your business. Get in touch for a no obligation discussion to hear our options on how we can help you sell more online!

Benefits of Shopify ecommerce

 Sell online

Sell online

Shopify makes it a breeze to take credit card payments; manage shipping and your product inventory. You control all aspects through a simple admin area.

 Customer service

Customer service

Customers love Shopify. The User Experience (UX) is streamlined for them to find products they want to buy and keep track of their orders.

 Marketing & analytics

Marketing & analytics

Deep-dive into your reporting to see what marketing is working; how your customers are finding you and what they’re buying!

What people say?

“Glen & the iugo team made ‘getting online’ much easier than I thought it was going to be. I was dreading doing it, but now only wish I’d done it sooner. That feeling of getting sales when the retail shop is closed is so good!”  Sophie, Best Wishes
Best Wishes Shopify Store

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We can have your online shop up and running in two weeks! Contact us for a free no obligation quote and we’ll get you selling in no time!