Membership Kiosk

Attract, engage and grow your membership base simply.

As a leader of a membership organisation, you know how challenging it is to manage your members effectively and efficiently.

Member Relationship Management (MRM) Kiosk enhances and extends website functionality specifically for membership organisations, industry associations, trade unions, professional bodies and advocacy groups. 

Association Management - Membership kiosk the most flexible platform for membership organisations

Member Relationship Management (MRM) kiosk automates and simplifies management activity so you and your team can spend less time performing administration and more time giving back to your community.

Arguably the best membership platform. Purpose built yet simple, effective and engaging. 

Member Relationship Kiosk is purpose built business grade solution delivering benefits right out of the box.

  • Take Membership renewals and payments online.
    No more manual invoices and collections. Members can purchase and renew membership online and automated.
  • Communicate with Members consistently from day one.
    Engage potential members right through the funnel to boost repeat sales, offers and more.
  • Have your website do all the work.
    Self serve account, purchase and contact management to increase engagement and satisfaction.


Business Ready

Membership Relationship Kiosk uses technology that’s business-grade supported, maintained and scalable.  So as you grow your technology platform will also grow with you – simple.

It provides exceptional return on investment because the technology is enterprise supported and extensible.  Giving you peace of mind yet flexibility to compliment existing business infrastructure.

Diagram of Kiosk Functions

Membership Relationship Management kiosk (MRM) couples the world's most popular website content management system (CMS) with cloud-based CRM.


MRM kiosk is flexible in the way it can streamline workflows, payments and communication across different membership structures.

This gives you the flexibility to deliver services across your business in the way that’s needed.

  • Brilliant membership contact and sales pipeline
  • Effective communication with members
  • Convenient member self-service
  • Automated marketing and newsletter communication
  • Data and analytics to help you improve service
  • Easy membership renewal and payment collection leading to improved retention


Our MRM Kiosk is convenient for your members and enables your business and membership teams.

Reduce your service costs while delivering value to members from one central source.

  • Effortlessly manage contact details
  • Members manage their own profile
  • Register and pay for member events
  • Register for member online training via a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Pay for merchandise and membership products (e-commerce)
  • Contribute to forum and discussion boards
  • Submit professional support and help requests
  • Access member documents and knowledge base articles
  • Respond to surveys and other training courses

Grow with the Membership Kiosk roadmap

Membership Kiosk is continuously developed application delivering ongoing enhancements and new service offerings each year.
Updates are made all the time to ensure as a client you’re on the latest and greatest version.

Feature options are also release to the roadmap quarterly. Talk to us about the new and exciting features coming to kiosk soon.


[1.40.0] – 24/06/2019

  • Add ‘[if]’ shortcode. Supports [if],[elseif] and [else] conditions. Useful for easily determining correct membership form.
  • Add core function: iugo_membership_kiosk_is_crm_member
  • Add shortcode: [imk_is_crm_member]
  • Allow Iugo_Membership_Kiosk_API_MemberDetail is_member() method to be filtered (iugo_membership_kiosk_api_member_detail_is_member)
  • Every Iugo_Membership_Kiosk_API_MemberDetail create_member() call now sets applied_on_web to true

[1.39.0] – 04/06/2019

  • Added the ability to map Gravity form submission fields to a Membership record field
  • Dynamic population of gravity form fields

[1.38.0] – 04/06/2019

  • Added a filter ‘iugo_membership_kiosk_settings_link’ for changing the default plugin settings link

[1.37.2] – 24/05/2019

  • Fixed an issue which was causing events not to show on the calendar month view

[1.37.1] – 15/05/2019

  • Enhancement to password reset processes

[1.37.0] – 01/04/2019

  • Enhancement to the Event post workflow

[1.36.0] – 29/03/2019

  • Membership filter for organisation

[1.35.0] – 19/02/2019

  • Add two new properties to the registration object: Conference registration

[1.34.0] – 18/02/2019

  • Add interest in evening fields to the registration object

[1.33.1] – 15/02/2019

  • Minor release improvements

[1.33.0] – 14/02/2019

  • Update function for post content display
  • Add option to choose events via API method

[1.32.0] – 10/09/2018

  • Updated my account page to include additional form information

[1.31.1] – 15/08/2018

  • Add method to clear the API cache

[1.30.2] – 27/07/2018

  • Fixed issue, location once workflow is changed
  • Improvement to sync: ensures customers are synced correctly, including email address

[1.30.1] – 28/05/2018

  • Fix for event cart workflow

[1.30.0] – 22/05/2018

  • Add membership constants enabling extended membership logic

[1.29.0] – 11/05/2018

  • Added filter – membership kiosk

[1.28.0] – 10/05/2018

  • Added workflow actions for create member failed & completed

[1.27.0] – 09/05/2018

  • Added new field to company – email

[1.26.0] – 07/05/2018

  • New address line 2 fields included for record management

[1.25.3] – 02/05/2018

  • Bug fix, properly handle timeouts

[1.25.1] – 24/04/2018

  • Bug fix – membership database function

[1.25.0] – 20/04/2018

  • Add Price class constants for price types. Allow filtering to get pricing schedule

[1.24.1] – 13/04/2018

  • Bug fix billToAddressPostCode, Added functions for sorting, and getting paid /unpaid invoices

[1.24.0] – 12/04/2018

  • Allow for the member object to be filtered, added validation for addresses
  • Allow for address fields to be changed
  • Improvements address mapping
  • Improvement to event filter

[1.23.0] – 11/04/2018

  • Added special requirement field
  • New api
  • Add date formats to prepopulated dynamic field tags
  • Support city in the event object

[1.22.0] – 09/04/2018

  • Ability to populate fields in forms

[1.21.0] – 05/04/2018

  • Support title in member detail

[1.20.0] – 28/03/2018

  • Added functions for has_renewal_due
  • Added functions for is_financial and has_parent_account
  • Only import companies / membership enhancement

[1.19.0] – 27/03/2018

  • Add filter to change event ticket name
  • Changes to validation rules for an active member
  • Update search

[1.18.0] – 13/03/2018

  • Allow member records to be mapped in CRM

[1.17.0] – 09/03/2018

  • Add action to hook into tickets

[1.16.0] – 08/03/2018

  • Add method to ecommerce company. Refactor method to avoid nesting

[1.15.2] – 06/03/2018

  • Remove email validation for plus character

[1.15.1] – 05/03/2018

  • Fix bug where recurring payments CRM and ecommerce

[1.15.0] – 02/03/2018

  • Support new member detail fields relating to membership application applied date and status

[1.14.0] – 01/03/2018

  • Remove email check as it prevents logging in
  • Update is_email() validation

[1.13.0] – 22/02/2018

  • Added API method to get renewal invoices for a given member

[1.12.0] – 21/02/2018

  • Added API method to get member assessments from API, added methods for the Assessment class
  • Changed minimum requirements for a venue
  • Bug fix, use correct getter
  • Added support for webDescription field for events
  • Added a method to get the total payments for an invoice

[1.11.0] – 14/02/2018

  • Added two help functions

[1.10.0] – 09/02/2018

  • Fix bugs in the company api class
  • Show All unpaid invoices on website

[1.9.0] – 01/02/2018

  • Added static function for getting card type

[1.8.0] – 31/01/2018

  • Minor change to db
  • Update permalink when event title is updated, added redirections functionality

[1.7.0] – 23/01/2018

  • Fixed a bug with the my account endpoints conflicting with pages with similar urls
  • Include phone when mapping fields to CRM
  • Merge billing/shipping address lines 1 and 2 into single line for CRM
  • Bug fix for create_member function, fixed redirect

[1.6.0] – 22/01/2018

  • Sort course enrollments by course name
  • Added support for datetime
  • Added get_formatted function to Enrolment class
  • Added API method to get contact course enrolments

[1.5.2] – 19/01/2018

  • Fixes to the my account endpoint abstract class

[1.5.1] – 17/01/2018

  • Properly escape html entities for logs

[1.5.0] – 16/01/2018

  • Additional information for logs display in Admin

[1.4.0] – 15/01/2018

  • Added basic filtering on level (severity)
  • Basic logs table for Admin
  • Add compression to database log table

[1.3.0] – 12/01/2018

  • Added actions for when an event is created/updated

[1.2.1] – 11/01/2018

  • Add check for empty description
  • Changed default format for date completed

[1.2.0] – 10/01/2018

  • Added method for creating CPD points, ability to sort CPD types by name

[1.1.0] – 08/01/2018

  • Added new API method to get CPD types

[1.0.2] – 05/01/2018

  • Bug fix to save events with empty event description

[1.0.1] – 14/12/2017

  • Fixed the ecommerce update details form to correctly save the password
  • Include Lapsed and Cancelled in the excluded member statuses for the member import
  • Fix method name in is_excluded_from_import
  • Added payment status field to Payment class
  • Fix the payment date to be a DateTime object rather than a string

[1.0.0] – 06/12/2017