Email marketing – keep your eye on delivery

Email marketing - how to send mass emails effectively

Creating a well curated email marketing campaigns is a key activity for business these days. It can be a really effective way of getting to customers, fulfilling orders or simply re-assuring customers your brand and offering is there when they need it.

But email marketing isn’t always easy especially when you start getting into higher volume sending. Sometimes you’re efforts hit a technology wall and get blocked.

What do you do if your email marketing efforts are getting blocked?

All that wasted effort and time crafting the message to your clients, preparing for a sale and then no execution. It’s a nightmare.

If you’ve talked to anyone in the email marketing industry you would have about dedicated IP’s addresses. While it’s tech talk, here are the basics…

What is a dedicated IP and do you need one?

Email sending services generally send email from an IP address shared among a whole lot of other businesses. As emails are sent from this shared IP address to the recipient a reputation score is generated, so the recipient email servers know if the information sent is likely to be good or bad.

If some shady business on the same shared IP address sends spam email the IP address reputation can be degraded and blacklisted.  Eventually, blocking your outgoing emails leaving your customers in the dark. Not the best customer experience!

What can I do about it?

You should get a dedicated IP if you send a lot of EDM’s. The small investment can drastically change things for your business and means you can:

  • Avoid blocked emails due to shared IP reputation
  • Eliminate complaints from customers not receiving invoices or orders
  • Reduce expenses and lost time to investigate missing orders or emails
  • Increase marketing and sales effort effectiveness through better delivery
  • Improve email sales transactions

If you’re one of our clients get in contact with us and see if this suits your needs.